The briefs and reports below provide a sample of recent research by Lewis Center faculty, affiliated scholars, staff, and students, produced internally or by our partner centers and other universities. Note: Briefs and reports are often adapted from or into published books and articles in academic journals, which are not listed here.


Title Author(s) Topic Area(s) Year
Federal Housing Assistance in LA County is Primarily for High-Income Neighborhoods Paavo Monkkonen, Yiwen (Xavier) Kuai Live 2018
Is LA Destroying Its Affordable Housing Stock to Build Luxury Apartments? Eve Bachrach, Paavo Monkkonen, Michael Lens Live 2017
How Proposition U Restrains LA Housing Development Paavo Monkkonen, Kate Traynor Live 2017
Overcoming Opposition to New Housing Paavo Monkkonen, Will Livesley-O’Neill Live 2017
The Likely Consequences of Measure S: Higher Housing Costs Michael Lens, Kate Traynor, Madeline Brozen, Herbie Huff Live 2017
Can a Tool of Segregation Be Used to Fight Displacement? Eve Bachrach, Michael Lens Live 2017
Rules of Division: The Influence of Land Use Regulation on Income Segregation Michael Lens, Paavo Monkkonen Live 2015
Rules of Estrangement: Local Land Use Regulation in the SF Bay Area Nils Kok, Paavo Monkkonen, John M. Quigley Live 2014
A New Way to Park on the Street: Evaluating the Spring Street Parklets in Downtown LA Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Madeline Brozen, Robin Abad Ocubillo, Kevin Ocubillo Live 2013
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Close to Home Juan Matute Live, Move 2013
Pricing Parking by Demand: Assessing Price Adjustments in the SFpark Program Gregory Pierce, Donald Shoup Move 2013
Can’t Hear the Train Comin’: Passenger Exposure to Noise at LA Transit Platforms Alexander Schaffer Live, Move 2012
Southern California PEV Readiness Plan J.R. DeShazo, Ayala Ben-Yahuda Move 2012
The Long and Winding Route: Analyzing the Influence of Politics on Planning the Wilshire Subway in LA Brian D. Taylor, Eugene J. Kim, John Gahbauer Move 2009


Title Author(s) Topic Area(s) Year
The State of Anti-Displacement Policies in LA County Silvia R. González, Paul Ong, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Justince Pascual, Terra Graziani Live 2018
South LA Since the Sixties Paul Ong, Andre Comandon, Alycia Cheng, Silvia R. González Live 2018
Falling Transit Ridership: California and Southern California Michael Manville, Brian D. Taylor, Evelyn Blumenberg Move 2018
Developing a New Methodology for Analyzing Potential Displacement Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Paul Ong, Karen Chapple, Paul Waddell, Daniel Chatman Live 2017
Toward Accurate and Valid Estimates of Greenhouse Gas Reductions from Bikeway Projects Juan Matute, Herbie Huff, Jaimee Lederman, Diego de la Peza, Kevin Johnson Move 2016
Heightening Walking Above Its Pedestrian Status: Walking and Travel Behavior in California Evelyn Blumenberg, Kate Bridges, Madeline Brozen, Carole Turley Voulgaris Move 2016
Not So Fast: A Study of Traffic Delays, Access, and Economic Activity in the SF Bay Area Taner Osman, Trevor Thomas, Andrew Mondschein, Brian D. Taylor Move 2016
Race, Ethnicity, and Income Segregation in LA Paul Ong, Chhandara Pech, Jenny Chhea, C. Aujean Lee Live 2016
Parks for Seniors: Identifying Opportunity Sites in LA Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Madeline Brozen, Wanmeng Ren Live 2015
Sustainable LA: Lessons from Vancouver UCLA Vancouver Study Tour Live, Move 2015
Congested Development: A Study of Traffic Delays, Access, and Economic Activity in Metropolitan LA Andrew Mondschein, Taner Osman, Brian D. Taylor, Trevor Thomas Move 2015
Impacts of the Widening Divide: Why is LA’s Homeownership Rate So Low? Paul Ong, Rosalie Ray, Silvia Jimenez Live 2015
Placemaking for an Aging Population: Guidelines for Senior-Friendly Parks Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Lené Levy-Storms, Madeline Brozen Live 2014
The Highway Capacity Manual’s Method for Calculating Bicycle and Pedestrian Levels of Service Herbie Huff, Robin Liggett Move 2014
Exploration and Implications of Multimodal Street Performance Metrics: What’s a Passing Grade? Madeline Brozen, Herbie Huff, Robin Liggett, Rui Wang, Michael Smart Move 2014
Backyard Homes and Local Concerns: How Can These Concerns Be Better Addressed? Vinit Mukhija, Dana Cuff, Kimberly Serrano Live 2014
Impacts of the Widening Divide: LA at the Forefront of the Rent Burden Crisis Rosalie Ray, Paul Ong, Silvia Jimenez Live 2014
HSR Development: Planning for High Speed Raul in Southern California Communities Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Dana Cuff, Harrison Higgins Move 2013
Reclaiming the Right-of-Way Evaluation Report: An Assessment of the Spring Street Parklets Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Madeline Brozen, Robin Abad Ocubillo, Kevin Ocubillo Live 2013
Tools for Estimating Benefits of Bicycle Count Data Madeline Brozen, Tulsi Patel, Karla Kingsley, Mike Aronson Move 2013
Pricing Plug-In Electric Vehicle Recharging in Multi-Unit Dwellings Brett Williams, J.R. DeShazo Move 2013
Empowering LA’s Solar Workforce: New Policies That Deliver Investments and Jobs Brad Cox, J.R. DeShazo, Mary leslie, Jacob Lipa, Antonio Manning, Manuel Pastor Work 2011
Model Design Manual for Living Streets Madeline Brozen, Ryan Snyder Live, Move 2011
Measuring Progress Toward Transportation GHG Goals Juan Matute Move 2011