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LA Data

The Lewis Center produces, hosts, and shares data to help planners, policymakers, and researchers assess how people live, move, and work in the Los Angeles region. Data resources include:


The REVISION Data Portal is a regional mapping and analysis application that integrates a range of public and private data for sustainable community planning and trend visualization. In partnership with the Southern California Association of Governments and California Strategic Growth Council, the Lewis Center maintains REVISION data on land use, livability, mobility, and accessibility. The interactive map explores growth forecasts, bikeway networks, employment patterns, and much more.

Los Angeles Quality of Life Index


Bike Count Data Clearinghouse

The Bike Count Data Clearinghouse is a one-stop repository for bicycle count data throughout LA County and beyond. This tool allows users to easily view, query, and download bicycle count volumes from different jurisdictions and community-based organizations. Initially developed in 2014 in partnership with the Institute of Transportation Studies, the site also collects and stores pedestrian count data when available. Please contact Lewis Center Deputy Director Madeline Brozen if you need to export pedestrian count data.

Southern California Data Resources